We’re on a Mission

We’ve searched the stars and found a new planet. You’re a junior scientist on an interstellar mission to establish a settlement on the newly discovered planet WAT247. It’s up to you and your team to explore these uncharted lands and make them ready for future settlers. You’ll need to learn about the water systems of the planet, address the water needs of the community and solve any problems or mysteries that might arise so that your settlement can grow and thrive.

Meet your mission companions

You’re not alone in developing this planet. These interactive non-player characters will be your mentors, collaborators, friends and adversaries as the game play unfolds:


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A.R.F. Your A.I. Sidekick

A.R.F., which stands for Argument Representative Figure. He’s an A.I. or Artificial Intelligence. Think of him as a “living” pieces of software. ARF is not only fully aware of his surroundings, but also yours as well. He sees and hears everything that you do. Dr. Toppo had to model him off of something; so she chose her dog…

  • Age: Unknown
  • Faction: Mission HydroSci Team
  • Values: Technical Correctness
  • Goals: To not let these humans get him destroyed

Jasper Stephenson

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Jasper Stephenson The Jr. Scientist

Jasper is MHS’ sympathetic figure and right-hand man to our PC. He also will provide some of the comedy relief and can act on behalf of the PC, especially in cutscenes and/or positions in which there is no dialogue tree. He’s there to help and push the player, all while maintaining a sense of wonderment at the science going on.

  • Age: 11
  • Faction: None
  • Values: Fun, learning
  • Goal: Succeeding with the mission

Samantha “Sam” Jones

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Samantha “Sam” Jones The Starlet

Sam is the daughter of noted actor/celebrity turned part-time philanthropist Henry Jones. She starts the mission focused on what MHS can do for her career rather than the actual need. When pressed, she struggles in her father’s large shadow, particularly with balancing her Father’s want of conservation when terraforming these new planets (and the invisible lifeforms he purports exist there) and the need to create useable water. Throughout the game she is forced to make her own decisions on what this mission means for her and how important it really is for humanity’s survival.

  • Age: 13
  • Faction: Environmentalists
  • Values: Conservation, her celebrity career
  • Goal: Wants to preserve planets as is

Anderson Riley

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Anderson Riley The UMF Private

Cadet Anderson is the defacto leader, given that he has been given command by Colonel. He begins the mission with a sense of purpose and infallibility – He knows what needs to be done, but doesn’t know how to get it done. It is through his interaction with the player that he becomes aware of this deficiency and comes to understand the need for having a fuller background in the sciences. It is at such a point that he relinquishes leadership to the PC.

  • Age: 14
  • Faction: Member of the United Military Force
  • Values: Hard work, results, loyalty, structure
  • Goal: Promotion within UMF

William “Bill” Butler

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William “Bill” Butler The Capitalist

Bill begins the mission as a typical yes-man for LargeMart. He sees the mission as an opportunity for profit more so than a mission of severity.  While he is always genial, he’s the first to point out how misguided the other factions are in their attempts to prevent the inevitable – that there is a need for water and therefore the demand outweighs the supply. It is because of this that his story arch leads him to understand that a) the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few b) that profit is a moot point when survival is on the line c) he doesn’t know what he’s talking about and constantly needs the PC to help him accomplish the easiest of goals.

  • Age:14
  • Faction: LargeMart
  • Values: Profitability, efficiency
  • Goal: Wants to make money for LargeMart

Dr. Toppo

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Dr. Toppo Team Mentor and Mission Leader

Dr. Toppo is an unwilling celebrity in the mission to save Earth and laments having to bring in other factions in order to fund it. She’s uncomfortable having to deal with everyone else’s agendas, putting most things off hoping they’ll sort themselves. She’s brilliant but absentminded. She’s extremely approachable, helping coach rather than dictate. She’s interested in the PC learning and growing as a scientist. At some point she’s forced to leave the PC and leaves him/her to deal with Earth and/or another terraformed planet for extended periods of time. She leaves the PC in the capable hands of the A.I. “A.R.F.” and Jasper.

  • Age: 47
  • Faction: None
  • Values: Fun, learning, science!
  • Goal: To help humanity

Explore an Alien Planet

You will need to discover and colonize all new environments:

Space Station


Space Station The Mission HydroSci Headquarters

The Mission HydroSci Space Station is the latest in interplanetary technology. Fully equipped to begin colonization procedures, the team should be well stocked, unless something should go wrong…



Mountains Crash Site

Your first point of contact on the alien world is this mountainous region. Due to it’s uninhabitable nature; you will quickly have to find somewhere else to settle.



Rivers Sams’s Garden Base

Sam chose the most pristine river system she could find to setup her base. Unfortunately, it seems some pollution has leaked from the space wreckage. Can you help her setup a sustainable terrarium?



Desert Anderson’s Training Facility

The United Military Force has setup their new training facility in the harshest environments they could find. In the middle of the desert they will have to endure raging elements and scarce water supplies. Can you help the facility become operational?



Island Bill’s LargeMart Factory

Where does an up and coming tycoon setup their new base of operations? On a tropical island of course! Bill has begun his business plan to mine natural sea salt from the ocean, but is he missing another resource to capitalize on?

Alien Ruins


Alien Ruins Traces of a Lost Civilization

Although the aliens who left these ruins seem to be long gone, there may still be secrets of this ancient civilization to uncover. Maybe some of these ruins can even be used to your new colonies advantage?

Be the hero and save the planet!



Collaborate Talk and Help the Other Cadets

In this first-person narrative adventure, everything you do has an impact. You are responsible for the success of this new settlement.



Explore Find New Alien Areas and Valuable Resources

Being the first settlers on this new world, it is your responsibility to tame the elements. See what you can find, you never know what may be valuable along your journey.



Colonize Setup Bases and Help the Cadets Settle New Lands

Use the planets natural resources to your advantage in order to setup sustainable bases. And remember access to fresh water is the first key to surviving in the wild.



Argue Construct Logical Claims-Evidence-Reasoning

On your journey, you’ll be challenged to think deeply about how your actions impact your surroundings, and you will need to collect evidence and use it to solve problems that arise throughout the mission. You’ll push your boundaries to defend those arguments with solid reasoning. You get to fight challenges with words to help your settlement succeed!



Discover A Forgotten Civilization

You’re not the first species to live on this planet. What did they leave behind? What happened to them? Discover more about this ancient civilization, and solve puzzles to activate their ancient technology.

The Story Begins…